AM Donut & Yogurt

Order the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich that’s available on wheat, white, and rye or bagel or croissant for extra. Then jokingly mutter something about making it on a cinnamon roll.

That’s a Cin-Lord. I can do that.

We are not unique or beautiful snowflakes. Everything has been done before. The sandwich is set down briefly, and before you have a chance to revel in absolute gluttonous ecstasy or snap a picture with your cell phone, the sandwich artist takes back his canvas.

Forgot something.

He returns your sandwich several seconds later, and the generous thick, white, glistening globs of mayonnaise lovingly painted on. Seeping from the edges of your beautiful, bountiful breakfast sandwich. The final brushstroke on a portrait of indulgence.

Sin-lord. Wordplay. I get it. This is why I’m fat.

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4 Responses to AM Donut & Yogurt

  1. yeah says:

    I don’t know who you are but I know I can drink more alcohol than you.

  2. Sarah Syrah says:

    YUM. But can you please reconsider taking Ms. Jen 6od to this donut place tonight? (She blogged about it.) We are all concerned about her health and her figure. We love her but she eats and writes, often, like a precocious 6-year-old (“eww, mushrooms smell like feet!” “I gots shampoo in my eye!” etc). We just need to work together to encourage her to be an all-around Adult instead of enabling her bad habits and destructive tendencies. She will no doubt say there is a separation between her “blog life” and her “real life,” but those who know her know this isn’t the case. They will say this is “hating” but I am saying plainly: let’s actually do some good. Thanks! P.S. Donuts are fine for guys though, so go for it yourself.

    • tweetwillow says:

      I see nothing wrong with indulging in the occasional fried dough-y dessert. It’s not all that bad for your health if you enjoy it in moderation. As for Jen’s figure, she’ll always be sexy. Something something rant about sexism and feminism and women bringing other women down.

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