Lovingly scrawled <3

It's my middle name.

This note is taken from my real life.

I was coming back from a Harold show at the UCB Theatre here in Los Angeles.  The passive aggressive misogynist author who can’t spell (definAtely) left this “missed connection” for me.

This was a really good laugh to end my night out at the comedy theater.  At the beginning of every improvisational comedy show, whether it’s held in a black box theater or high school auditorium or basement of a shitty club in some shitty college town, they ask for a one word suggestion.  This particular night I (brilliantly) suggested “fellatio” – which made the audience and performers audibly groan.  Clearly, I was the only person there with a sense of humor.

The mere idea of someone being so infuriated at my parking abilities (lack thereof) that they rummaged for a piece of printed and dated scrap paper from the back of their Prius to scribble this note and slap it on my windshield made them a winner.

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3 Responses to Innad

  1. deselfleur says:

    I don’t know how comedy or improv works (and I’m pretty much a prude), but “fellatio” is brilliant — makes me think of doilies and gelato, for some reason (fatness?).

    [And then I wrote an essay on my own love for leaving notes. Then after, I deleted it. :D]

    • tweetwillow says:

      I felt inspired.

      Did I mention how I once suggested the word “improvisation” at an improv show? Those comedy snobs had the gall to groan and fuss at me.

      I would read your essay about leaving notes. Are yours politely and delicately written? Or are they as cutting and concise as the note from my post?

  2. deselfleur says:

    I imagine you going around heckling improvers at random improv shows.

    I like to think my notes are a mix: politely cutting. I save my psycho vulgarity for those I know and love.

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