Heavy Petting: Gone GaGa

Joan of Bark - Lady GaGa's dog
Zissou made up as a bad bitch.

This is the first in a series of 6 sketches that will be airing in some form on teen.com.  This project that was written and produced by Molly McAleer and acted in by Chuck McCarthy and features the amazingly talented, well-trained, and groomed pet of Marissa A. Ross (pictured above) and lastly but not leastly (?) – edited by the hyper-sexual Terry Huynh.


Oh, and I held the camera that made the images you’ll be seeing.  I hope you watch this video.  It’s here on my blog.  I was a “camera operator/production assistant” and if I really wanted to jerk my own chain and discredit all of the other people who did hard work on this thing, I would call myself the “director of photography”.  Oh, internet sketch comedy.  Anyway, that’s the reason I’ll be posting these.  Because I’m super proud to be part of something quality on such a high-profile website.


Please click on the picture above of the absurdly dressed pup on a calendar to view the video.  The sketch will air directly following the advertisement for the Nintendo DS RPG dragon-slaying game.  It’s called Heavy Petting: Gone GaGa (no shit!) and feel free to stay tuned and watch the video afterward about some teenager celebrating her barely legal status.


Stay tuned.

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One Response to Heavy Petting: Gone GaGa

  1. deselfleur says:

    Adorbs! Fashionable.

    You know what I liked best? The camera work. That dude is brilliant.

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