Tasting Things Tuesday

Taste Test Tuesday!


  • I will never quit advising every moral, decent, sane individual with things to live for to never ever forevernever under any circumstances so much as lick any of the food that I eat in any of my videos.
  • The food budget of this video was overshadowed by the alcohol budget.
  • I can no longer consume anything with joy.
  • This video comes in at a spry 3 minutes – and almost all of it watchable.
  • Big ups to Michael Pizzle.
  • None of this would be possible without Chuck.
  • Idea planted in my head by the wonderful Jessica Mae Hendrickson.
  • Too many links in this post.  Watch the video.
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4 Responses to Tasting Things Tuesday

  1. deselfleur says:

    Two Boys, One Rice Cup!

    I kinda feel like you’re shitting all over me, man. I love me the arroz con leche (arroz con everything); love it nice and think, love it a little watery, love it hot, love it cold, loved it as a baby, will love it when I’m old. How does anyone not love rice pudding??? I once bought a cup at Famima that had some mold on top. I wanted to cry; it almost ruined rice pudding and Famina for me … in the end I love those things too much, you know?

    I bought some brown jasmine rice at the 99¢ store yesterday and my first thought was making rice pudding …

    Wait, where was I? Rice pudding! Your video!

    Gross. Joyless. Right on. ❤

    • tweetwillow says:

      In what way am I shitting? I approach every taste test video with enthusiasm and a genuine appreciation for the food I will be tasting. Great care is taken to craft the arc of each video. To what depths of the human mystery can we plumb?

      I dig rice pudding. A wonderful fellow blogger/tweeter @JessicaMaeHendr suggested I put a spin on rice pudding. What I’m taking from your comment though is that we should probably talk a little bit more about the food. It was good. It’s hard to fuck up rice pudding. I love rice in general, too!

      Personally, I love arroz made with Knor tomato.

      Tune in for the next 2 months! This is the “second season” of my #TTT videos. Foods I intend on ruining for you: fish, candy, Americanized Mexican fast food, bacon and KFC all over again. /plug

      • deselfleur says:

        You know what? You’re right. You weren’t shitting on anything. You were very enthusiastic (maybe too much? relax, it’s just rice pudding).

        It was the other guy. He looked like he was going to the electric chair (a fluffy, white electric chair of creamy goodness).

        And don’t talk more about the food. Food is boring — unless it’s Anthony Bourdain or Jacques Pépin or some other French dude talking about it.

      • tweetwillow says:

        First person to ever tell me I’m right about something, folks. Right here in the comments section for my blog. Everything looks sarcastic on the internet.

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