Tastes of Tuesday

Taste Test Tuesday!


  • I’ll never quit advising every moral, decent, sane individual with things to live for to never ever forevernever under any circumstances so much as lick any of the food that I eat in any of my videos.
  • This video is nearly 5 minutes in length and descends into insanity fairly early on.
  • The salt from my tears is the only thing I can still consume anything with any joy.
  • No goods were purchased exclusively for the shoot.
  • I must, of course, thank Chuck every week.
  • Watch the video.
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2 Responses to Tastes of Tuesday

  1. deselfleur says:


    What this TTT lacked in sadness it made up for in blood. I did jump at that part where somebody eats the head.

    You need to write a script, lazy. Don’t leave the talent … floundering! (hahahaha)

    • tweetwillow says:

      By lacking sadness do you mean lacking my face? Then yes, all the sadness is gone 😦

      You’re not the first person to jump, and that makes me happy to hear 😀 – the fish head slurp is where the video begins its descent into madness.

      I like your idea of a scripted video. The unscripted nature is the only thing keeping the videos from becoming outright sketches. All of the taste tests are outlined. You want a plotted, scripted, multi-camera taste test sketch though? I’m into that. I’ll see what I can… cook up… (muahaha)

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