High School

This encapsulates my high school experience.


I mean Danny… I mean David.  UGH… I hate signing yearbooks… so much pressure.  Anyways, I’m feeling sort of odd because of school being over… not so much sad as I am grouchy.  I just bit a few people’s heads off.  David, I wonder if you’ll remember me… or if anyone will.  Did I make any sort of impact on anyone’s life?  Iunno.  You’re great.  You’re funny and honest and I love it.  I’ll most likely see you at Citrus, busting your ass to further your education!  Woo!  🙂  Maybe I’ll end this with some clichés, just for fun.  Have a bitchin’ summer!  Stay way cool!  K.I.T.!  No but really, keep in touch.  See you on the internet!

She was like a flesh and blood Daria Morgendorffer.  Look at the sarcasm.  ”See you on the internet”?  Was she joking or was she a soothsayer?  She said she’d see me at the local community college.  Cool.  She even poked fun at herself signing yearbooks.

We are kids.  We are kids and they cage us together and expect us to have decorum.  I abhor the institution.

Her name was Mary.

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