I felt alive.

Los Angeles, CA (Orochon Ramen) | 11-19-08

“Everything in life is only for now”

Orochon Ramen house was featured on the Travel Channel program, “Man Vs.Food”.  This Ramen house is like any other, in that you select your broth base, (miso, salt, or soy) and then you may choose additional ingredients (pork slices, egg, etc.) and finally you determine how spicy you would like your dish.

The spice scale at Orochon counts backwards from 7.

7 being no spice added, to 1 being a bit more than mildly spicy.

Then there is Special 1 and Special 2.

Special 2 is apparently so fucking hot, and so few people can slay the beast (14 binders full of these victory snapshots) that they’ve decided to make a challenge out of it.  There’s also two “Wall of Fame” corkboards with pictures of the newest iron-stomached noodle maniacs.

People of all shapes and sizes posing red-faced, wide-eyed, and clutching their enormous empty bowls next to their faces in celebration.

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2 Responses to PREFACE

  1. Nikki says:

    So you slayed the Special 2 ramen beast?! Kudos to you!

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