Crooked imperfections

I use these to eat.


Larry talks about being 13 days sober and using for 26 years.  Living on the railroad tracks with his last worldly possessions in a sleeping bag.  Wanting to die.

John talks about his license being taken away on account of his epilepsy.  Every time his prescription changes, his license is put under review.  His last medication failed him so he’s under a trial period with his new medication.  You’re not supposed to mix drugs with anything, but how else are you going to get those pills down?

How much further do you need to be dragged down?  How little hope is truly in rooms of recovery?  Why is everyone so damned old?  Why is everyone learning so late?  Does anybody ever learn?

Randy talks about abandoning his family.  What does it do for him?  It loosens his lips and instills a sense of confidence when talking to women.  He pleads “social lubricant.”

For one hour they believe they’re not alone.  They believe in the strength of numbers.  Then they’re back out there.

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