the Diving Board

I know you want to see someone BREAK A DIVING BOARD because that’s what this post is really about.  Be my guest and fast-forward to about 1:30 to watch and then move the slider back to 1:30 and watch and giggle, close the tab and go back to work making LOLcats or whatever it is you all do on the internet.

This video is 4 minutes because I love this footage and I’m indulgent.  These are my memories.  This is a moving picture catalogue of good times past.

  • After the title, in about the first 3 seconds you’ll witness a 17-year-old me
  • The dare to jump off the diving board (on a cold and wintry Southern California Saturday, March 1st 2003) is made using a Blink-182 reference.  Lee says to Daniel, “take off your pants… and jacket
  • Danny replies, “wind will come out of my butt
  • I’m holding the camera for the rest of the video, and when I say, “look at this pool, it’s beautiful” I sound like Charlyne Yi – who hadn’t been created yet back in 2003.
  • Although my friends are laughing moments before the incident, they had NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE that the diving board would break.
  • Immediately after Daniel (the would-be diver) breaks the board he runs to a corner by the fence and starts urinating.  Lee points at him in disbelief.
  • Nobody featured in this video lived at the house we were filming at and consequently nobody in the video owned the diving board.  Such delinquents.
  • Stay tuned for the end.  Two words: slow motion.

*This video also features the Stellar Verne songs “Phone In Japan” “I Like My Women BaldBut Not Down There” and “Kyle’s Cell”.

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One Response to the Diving Board

  1. THAT WAS HILARITY!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG MADE MY FRIGGIN DAY!!!!!!!!! Holy crap poor guy destroyed the board.

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