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Marion Silver

There’s a scene fifteen minutes into the first act where Marion states to her boyfriend, Harry, and his friend, Tyrone, “anyone want to waste some time?”  We see a broad grin planted on her face as these words leave her mouth, and her palm outstretches to reveal three pills.  Since she is the person supplying the drug, I would say she has absolutely learned how to seek the mood swing.  She exhibits other behaviors though, judging by her body language she has a positive expectation and knows precisely what dose is needed for her positive mood swing.  I can say that here, in this early scene, Marion is exhibiting symptoms of stage two – Seeking the Mood Swing.

Nearly twenty minutes into the film Marion is shown looming in front of a full-length mirror in a dark room, analyzing herself and likely coming down.  A montage takes place and is accompanied by the sound of Marion giggling along with the usual sounds of drugs and instruments rushing, whooshing, dropping, and boiling.  When the montage ends, Marion is still standing before the mirror, but she is hardly recognizable from the time before.  The color tone of the scene has changed, and is much softer and warmer although the lighting is identical to the previous scene – which indicates we are viewing things from her perspective.  Marion then raises her hands slowly from her side to above her head, and her eyes close and her head tilts to the side while she does this.  She looks absolutely euphoric, and what I deduce from this behavior is that she is no longer happy with herself (when she is not high).  The psychological toll the drug is taking may not be apparent to herself yet, but she is using it to make adjustments in her thought process and maintain her emotional comfort.  This scene of her “chasing the dragon” by her lonesome is short but significant.  This is the point where Marion has advanced into stage three – Harmful Dependence – of her drug addiction.

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