Taste Test Tuesday – Random Findings

Taken from the description on Fernando’s YouTube page:

David picked up Nick and Fernando one Monday night to go to a Captain Ahab show. One the way we made like ap it crew and drove to San Dimas to act like a pit crew and slap some tar and bubble gum on his cousin’s car and make it run again. Then we raced to Pehrspace thinking we were really late, only to find out that we weren’t really that late. We danced alot and sweat a lot, well nick didn’t. 

When we got back to the mikado apartment, we realized that since it was TUESDAY, we could film a taste test Tuesday. David ate my brownie with various weird crap smeared all over it. Some of the stuff that he put on it was literally a year old. Nick just ate a sandwich from “uuhhhh 7-11” with some hot sauce from Jack in the Box. He liked it. He needed it. He ate that shit. Fernando ate a mango with some onions on it and then walked away to look at the Guinea Pig taste her food. This will eventually be edited and be a real taste test tuesday video, but for now have fun watching this.

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