Pound it.

Some people spend their years after high school at University in pursuit of higher learning.  While continuing their education these people often meet countless numbers of special individuals who will change the way they behave, shape the way they think, and generally open their minds to new experiences or ways to be more receptive to the real world and its many challenges.  These people will walk away from this time of growth more prepared for adulthood.  I’m not one of those people.

I squandered any chances I had at earning a degree and truly contributing to society and immediately entered the workforce at the local shopping mall.  I worked at the prestigious toy and hobby store, (now defunct) K.B. Toys.  Yes, a toy store was where I learned the importance of teamwork, the value of a dollar, and how to have fun.  The people I worked with gradually became like a family unit to me.  When you slave away for minimum wage ($6.75!) fifty-plus hours per week it’s hard not to bond with your co-workers.

I enjoyed working overnight and the two hours it took to unload a truck full of hundreds of boxes of toys.  Even more so, I enjoyed spending another six to eights hours opening all of those boxes and pricing and shelving those toys.  During the Christmas season the toys that we would move and merchandise nightly numbered into the thousands.

I’m just generally reminiscing because no one will care if I get specific.  I will tell you that when I worked for more than ten hours, and was awake longer than twenty I had to entertain myself.  My co-workers and I would imagine that the people who worked in advertising at Fisher-Price were indentured servants whose only means of lashing out at their baby toy baron overlords was by being subversive with their toy branding.

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