New York City, NY (Manhattan) | 9-8-09


check the roll placement

This is the men’s restroom at the Cake Shop in Manhattan.  The Cake Shop is a bar/bakery/music venue.  Precisely everything I love about LIFE in one place.  Of course, my partner in crime Tim opened my eyes to this little bit of magic in New York.  The vibe of the venue felt like an adults-only Smell (amazing all-ages venue in L.A.).

They also sold vinyl and used CDs and had a full drink menu like a coffee joint i.e., they served teas and chai lattes and such.  I had the “Snappy” lemonade which was infused with some type of mint and ginger(!)  It tasted like a kick in the throat.  The good kind.

We stuck around long enough to enjoy two full sets of noise/DJ/synth artists.  I also caught the beginning of the third set of the evening, but quickly left after seeing it was another guy with a microphone behind a mixer.  It was like being stuck in a Twilight Zone episode.  ”Why is everybody trying to be Dan Deacon?”, is like, totally what I was thinking.

Don’t read me wrong, they weren’t bad at all.  Some parts of their sets were really enjoyable.  I had to remember that these people were experimenting. That the videos being projected around them were created by the guy working the soundboard, that the restroom was exploded in graffiti, and I was in the basement of a bar with strangers and a best friend in a foreign city… everything clicked and I felt at ease with the surrealism that was my life in that moment.  Comfortable enough to embrace the sounds swirling around me and the visual cacophony before me.

I guess you had to be there.


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