In 2007, my friend Mike got me a (brief) gig at a large multi-national corporation in the business of making coffee.  The best part of working as a part-time barista (besides qualifying for health care benefits) was blending breakfast sandwiches, toasting bagels with hot sauce, bringing liqueurs to mix with the wide variety of syrups, and other such wanton experimentation with the many implements at my disposal.

One such result of recklessly deliciously decadent experimentation was the AlmaCocaMocha!  It was an almond, coconut, and mocha dream that could be served hot or cold, but I’m not gonna front like it wasn’t best cold.  It was so good that I remember having it grande-sized every single shift I worked, regardless of how much subcutaneous fat it created.

Then, while on a 10-minute break one day, I wrote and storyboarded this entire faux piece of advertising for the drink… only to find the footage in a sock drawer and edit it together 3 years later.  So please, enjoy this silly video and go out to your local coffee shop and request this drink:

  • Crème base
  • 2 pumps mocha
  • 1 pump coconut
  • 1 pump almond
  • top with whip cream and coconut flakes

It doesn’t have to be made that way though.  GO WILD!  3 mocha pumps!  4 almond pumps!  Blend it with coconut flakes!  I don’t care!  No, really.  I don’t care.

Also keep an eye out for all the errors in this video:

  • Coverage shots that don’t match
  • Audio that isn’t synced
  • Loads of background noise
  • Someone saying “hurry up and shoot”
  • The lead actor’s annoying yet infectious giggle

Really though, it’s worth watching just to hear his giggle.  It belongs to my former manager.  I worked with that man and that laugh nearly every single shift for 10 months.

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