Hollywood | 6-25-09

DMB are all over this one

The following is a possibly (read: it is) boring account of real-life events.  The blurry cell phone picture above was snapped by me and is explain in the story below.  You are reading a blog.

HOLY AWESOME!  Hollywood is such a strange place.  What did I do in my personal life for the universe to bestow me the experience of witnessing two automobile accidents in one day?

I remember thinking to myself, “it’s 10:50PM I’m going to be right on time to work today!” and then getting lost in the burst of flashbulbs across the way on Vine in front of Katsuya.  “It must be some reality star” I was thinking, but there was an exorbitant amount of celeb-headhunters, and I’ve never really seen them taking pictures of anybody (just kinda lazing around).  Then all my thoughts STOPPED when I heard a loud boom and switched my focus to what was happening on my side of the street.

This 4-door sedan plowed into a parked convertible!  Look at that shit!  I actually heard and smelled it before I fully realized what had occurred.  I did the noble thing and walked right up to it and snapped this picture with the camera on my phone.  The lady in the convertible seemed fine, but the lady in this sedan (above) still had her foot on the gas pedal.  These people pictured ran up and opened her door while yelling at her to get out.

Then, nearly all of those photographers and videographers across the street and started documenting the madness taking place.  There’s always an element of Hollyweird isn’t there?  Mind you, this is at Hollywood and Vine.  That’s a major intersection right next to the Pantages Theatre (where a performance of the Dirty Dancing musical had just let out).  Just when I thought things were under control and the police and medical units were on their way, shit got batshit.

The driver of the struck convertible got out and started running down the street crying and yelling, “LEAVE ME ALONE THAT’S NOT MY CAR!” with the serpentine tail of paparazzi trailing her every move.  At about this point it was 11:00PM and I was late for work, and everything that was going to happen had happened right?  The driver of the sedan had people around her comforting her while she rubbed her face and tongued the inside of her mouth.

So I carried on and made it no less than 100 feet away when I heard the awful squealing and squelching sounds of the sedan again.  I looked up the street and it was somehow mobile and inching along (although at a pace slower than the average gait) being followed by tens of photographers snapping away.  It managed to coast up and turn onto Hollywood Blvd. in traffic.  Nothing short of awesome.

I really hope this is on TMZ in the morning.  I heard sirens wailing by the time I made it to Sunset and Vine, and there’s no shortage of witnesses.. maybe life in LA really is like the movie CRASH.

That was my account of the crash hours after it happened and here’s a link to the TMZ article and video… note when they zoom in from across the street… you can see me on the sidewalk next to the cars.  When they cross the street I’m lingering behind the sedan taking a picture with my phone.


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