Letter From One Non-Practicing Self-Proclaimed Stoic To Another

Death is an unfortunate byproduct of life.  Deal with loss in your own way.

When I called you I knew immediately that you wouldn’t call me back.I can’t speak or write freely like I knew your ____, but I do know that we’ve all got a ____.

When someone that we love goes on, we are absolutely inconsolable.  There is no guidebook and each individual has to deal with grief in just that way.  Individually.

You have to keep loving them though, because their world is closer to ours than you think.  You can only remember the times that you had because those are the only things that matter.  Time is all we’ve got whether we’re spending it or wasting it.  You had a time with them and you’ll remember that forever, good and bad.

The pain won’t end when they’re gone either, and most of the time it won’t even feel like they’re gone.  It may take years to realize the difference or impact someone had.

But who the fuck am I?  Preaching to you?  Like reading some words are going to help?

Just letting you know that I still care.  I am still here.  Whatever that means.  And for the love of Christ keep on moving, living, stay UP.  It’s what they would have wanted, right?

I will stress the importance of paying attention to your dreams.  Or that weird coincidence that feels like a validation when you cry out alone in the dark that you need some sign that things are okay on the other side, or if there even is another side.  Or when a song or a movie or a fucking smell or saying or a person from your past comes from nowhere and reminds you of them, remember, it is them.

It’s going to be okay.

Love you *redacted*.

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