Road Trip 2k9

Some experiences are beyond words.  Yet we try to define them because we’re human, and we love attempting the impossible.  I still can’t find better words than these.  I’m thankful that I brought a digital camera and video camera with me on this trip to New York because otherwise I’d only have my memories.  It’s hard to share memories with people.  No one really wants to hear about where they weren’t. So I’m going to show you.

My description from Vimeo (even though the YouTube version is embedded):

Tim Gomez and I took a road trip across this glorious nation of ours until we reached New York. We brought a video camera with us. Unfortunately neither one of us could remember that we had that camcorder. Subsequently all we have to show for our effort is this 5 minutes of footage. Please enjoy it despite my clear lack of camera or editing skills.”

Song – “Garden” by One For The Team

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