In Living Color

Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier (interchangeable)

(image via laughyourspleenout)

If I had known the Cha Cha Lounge sold In Living Color trading cards I would have shown up with my rainmaker bills.

I can’t hardly recall the important political and social events that shaped 1990-1994 (I was 5,6,7, years old you get it you get it) but I can remember being obsessed with the In Living Color characters Homie the Clown and Fire Marshall Bill.  I wasn’t supposed to be awake at 11PM on Sundays.  Or did it air on Fridays?  Not being allowed to stay up late meant I had to hide the fact that I watched it by closing the room door and lowering the volume. It also meant I had to figure out what the racier/racial jokes meant on my own… and that I couldn’t videotape the show.

I wore out a lot of VHS players and my parents wasted a lot of money when I came along (I’m 1 of 5).  Music videos, commercials, Liquid Television, 120 Minutes were all programs I recorded with permission.  I shamelessly loved MTV programs.

Regarding In Living Color though, I had one shot to memorize catchphrases and mannerisms.  I had to pay attention when watching so I could perform them on the elementary playground the next week.  My older brothers and sister encouraged me to act out my Vera DeMilo impressions for their own personal amusement.

My sister (who has a good 20 years on me) fondly remembers that whenever it aired, everyone in her apartment complex would have their windows/doors open be watching.  My sister painted me a portrait of what it was like to watch, nay, PARTICIPATE in pop culture. Here’s what she remembers:

Sunday night, no wait…I think it was like Friday!  Heck, I really can’t remember.  BUT, yes you are sooooo correct, it was totally funny to hear the echos in the apartment complex.  I swear the whole place was totally cracking up!  Guess, I lived in the ghetto near LAX!  Okay, we lived in Westchester at the Belford Apts., 2nd floor and 2nd apt to the corner where it turned to the right.  So the apts. continued on our left (if standing at door looking out) and then one apt. to our right then there was a little stairwell, then the apts continued into the next apt bldg., but there was an opening and trees in front of our apt and there was a pool that we could see from our bdrm window…

I gift her a(n) In Living Color DVD set for Christmas every year.

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