El Jay


20050609 02:06:00
After midnight in the mall parking lot it doesn’t matter how you drive. I just cut across the lot. Why obey lines?

I’m going to aim for this Starbucks cup set on the ground. Missed. I’ll hit this next cup with that brown paper bag next to it. Wait, that’s not a bag.

– – – – – – – –

I drove over it. I hadn’t hit it, had I? I didn’t feel anything. Why was it just lying there? What the fuck was going on?

I’ll turn around.

– – – – – – – –

I turned around and saw the animal crawling away, using only its front paws. I set my headlights onto it as it settled and laid on its side.

I walked up to and stood over the kitten. Its lower half seemed flat and paralyzed. It was moving its paws. Its head was moving, but it couldn’t lift it.

I sat down next to it. Its breathing was definitely restricted. I noticed that its claws were extended, and it was clawing at the air. Just fighting to stay alive.

It looked at me. I noticed the blood coming from its mouth. Was this its ninth life?

– – – – – – – –

There aren’t any animal hospitals open. I’ll be paying through the teeth for this. There’s no collar on it. It’s just a stray. Its breathing got more shallow.

I started petting it. I just wanted to let it know that not everything is bad in the end. It was at least a month old.

It meowed. I kept petting it. Something would surge through it and make its head jerk around, but I kept petting. It purred.

Then, when I least expected, it quit breathing.

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