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Vegas was next. Davey wanted to ride the New York, New York roller coaster but thanks to the city’s discriminatory anti-dog rules, we were unable to even get into the hotel. And considering it was 90 degrees outside, and we were in the most sleazy city in the world, I wasn’t stoked on leaving Cocoa Bean in the car.

So instead, we decided to take a stroll down the strip to get a few pictures. What we realized was that hotels don’t like it when you park in their parking structures and don’t immediately enter their hotels to spend your money on their slot machines and card tables because it’s nearly impossible to exit the structure to the road. We found a staircase that led us to a random spot behind the structure where we had to walk through a broken fence.

And off to Vegas we went.

I’m glad that you’re beginning to write about the trip so that I can get your perspective on everything.  I know it takes time to get that perspective. You’ve got a lot of life on your plate and I know things haven’t slowed down one bit since I left there.

It becomes so easy and lazy to have the photos of things become our memories though.  I really don’t ever want that to happen but I know without some sort of documentation certain details will fade.  I’m going to try and remember a few!

  • Reversing to parallel park into a space at an acute (obtuse? – ABSURD) angle in a 2-door manual transmission Honda Civic weighed down by nearly 400 pounds of person and 900 pounds of luggage at night in Ithaca.
  • Deep conversations regarding Dave Chappelle’s shaping of the future landscape of comedy whilst being driven to JFK airport.
  • Playing best 2-out-of-3 Connect 4 at Crif Dog’s in Manhattan.
  • Playing trivia at Rulloff’s until the round where they start deducting points for incorrect answers.
  • Seeing Rogue Wave for free in the Cornell University gymnasium when our plans to see “Away We Go” at Cinemapolis fell through.
  • Yelling “It’s Henry’s mom!” outside of Rulloff’s.
  • Listening to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” as we crossed the bridge into the city for the first time (which bridge/tunnel?)
  • Robin Sparkles being the funniest music video ever and Robin Sparkles and theLegendaries being the greatest trivia team name ever.
  • “I hope she’s not getting…”  ”She’d like that”.
  • Helping move half of an entire storage unit in the pouring, freezing cold rain and loving every minute of it.
  • Waiting for, then trying to find (in that order) the M train, and it subsequently taking us about 3 hours to get home.  That was after our night out at UCB to see “Cagematch” (and failure to get into Santos Party House).
  • Middle names being inconsequential.
  • Cocoa loving me more than Jackie *joke*
  • Making fun of people everybody.


The memories are countless and they are infinite (“Perks” reference)!

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