The light, it bends.

r3d & LLW

New York City, NY (Brooklyn) | 9-3-09

I love the flash light photography that Jay & Jay made on the rooftop of their apartment in Brooklyn.

I loved when Jessica wrote “the quick brown fox”.  Or when she drew an outline of Jose’s skeleton shirt, and even the star inside of a circle which Jessica might have intended to be a pentagram but looks like a beach ball.  This is my favorite, though.

Jose probably asked, “what’s my motivation?” and I told him “just go buckwild” and he proceeded to dance like a raver for 30 seconds and the results are a luminescent Rorschach test.  Sometimes I see a heart when I look at it, or I can make out a pair of eyes, or I follow the path made from the lens into the twisted and tangled jungle of light and lines.

This was also the only flash light picture where nobody’s feet or hands or shadow can be seen.  Jose was really dancing his little heart out and not even a slow shutter could catch his shadow.


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