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Vinyl Sunday

Back in 2001 or 2002 when I documented my life frequently on another blogging service (LiveJournal) I was friends with a nice young man (username – angryyoungman – ha) from Maryland.  We both liked Alkaline Trio and that was reason enough to be friended on that blog/social network.

His name was Andrew and he worked at a record store in Glen Burnie, Maryland (Record & Tape Traders) and one day he posted out of the blue that he’d give away a record to a fellow LiveJournal friend.  All anyone had to do was comment first!  So I did.  And I was.  I was quickest to draw on his offer and he was a man of his word.  I don’t recall him revealing what record he was giving away, just that there was some sort of inventory overstock.  He was a real sport about it.  I think he would have mailed it to the Carribean if the first commenter had been from there.

It was also the first record that I could call my own.  Other records had been purchased for me, and a lot of the records around were from my parents’ collection, but this one had my name on it in a First Class package from the USPS.  Although I hadn’t purchased it per se, it was mine all mine. It was probably the sense of importance from “winning” it that made me place such importance on it, but it honestly is a fantastic record and it altered the direction of my musical tastes… thanks angryyoungman, where ever you are.

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