I am a bit blue at times. I let the words and actions of others affect me.

I am misanthropic around my family, and receptive and uncynical around my friends.

I am learning to not take things so personal, although this is written in the subjective personal pronoun.

I am self-aware and constantly analyzing my choices. However, I do not doubt my choices.

I find humor in serious subjects; I do not laugh at everything I find humorous. I find sadness in solemn things. I make humor out of everything else, because ‘to find’ implies that humor is hidden away somewhere.

I am clean, sober, and abstinent from mind-altering substances and I aspire to a full recovery from all of my old behaviors. I have a five year plan but I am living one hour at a time. Living this way fills me with dreadxiety at times.

I enjoy portmanteau.

I think that language is prison for the thoughts in my head. (thanks Mike Eagle)

I feel happiest when I am singing oldies at karaoke; I do not know how the people listening to me feel.

I adore live music, especially when it moves my feet to dance or moves me to tears.

I now know what the group Operation Ivy meant when they sang, “all I know is that I don’t know nothin.’” because I am certain of the uncertain and that brings me peace of mind.

I am forever documenting and preserving my life via journal, photographic, or videographic record. I enjoy the process of writing, photographing, and videographing, but not necessarily the outcome.

I enjoy a cup of french press coffee.

I hate it when I read a book instead of going to the gym. I read books dressed in gym clothes.

I believe in fluidity of thought.

My belongings are not organized, but they are not in piles. My thoughts are unorganized, but I can make sense of them.

One thing I’d like to change about myself is my impulsive, depressive tendency to binge eat.

I know that I am an amalgamation of all of my choices and mischoosings.

Insanity is supposedly doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, yet I woke up and ate breakfast this morning.

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