“I only agreed to come to this karaoke bar because you’re cute. Otherwise this is a first date no-no,” she said while setting her drink up on the table and purse onto a hook.

He pushed the song book her way. “Protocol at this bar is to write your name and the song which you’ve selected to serenade the bar on this slip of paper and give it to the bartender.”

“Do they have any Spice Girls? Should I sing a crowd pleaser like ‘Before He Cheats?'”

“The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.”

“Excuse me? What did you say, freak?”

“Let Me Kiss You.”

“Ew, what?” she rather reactively threw her cocktail, glass and all, at her date’s face. She was a piss poor shot and spritzed his chest with what amounted to a spray of vodka tonic cologne. The glass tumbler fell to the floor, intact.

“All You Need Is Me.”

She unhooked her purse and right-hooked it square into her ex-date’s gullet. She then stomped away, leaving her date to rub his wounds and lick the salt from the rim of his shot glass. 

“That’s How People Grow Up.”

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