Do it for the Vine?

Here’s an excerpt from a private email written on January 31st, 2013:

“The limitation is intriguing and encourages creative thinking and spontaneity. I did not attach any links to Vine posts because I have seen none that are intriguing or creative. Some bro showed his White Castle at various stages of consumption, another was LEGOs being constructed. Food posts. I see the potential for the format, though. Imagine twitter parody accounts translated to Vine? Or a concept account like @everyword? A fully realized @TasteTestTuesday account? A @BeefBandNames account where I rattle off names? It wants to be separate from twitter, though. They want 6 seconds to be 140 characters. I want to translate what twitter has become to Vine.

Everything about Vine is why I will not become vinewillow. It requires me to further fork over my anonymity. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it to be news and information-friendly. It’s entirely a ‘creative’ community for all of the @boringpeople. I work hard enough to craft a silly YouTube video that tens of people see, why should I start to obsess over what unique way I could capture 6 seconds of my life? Could you imagine?

What do all of these tweens do with their videos? Is anyone saving these, journaling them, putting them on a DVD? Twitter has already inspired disposable thoughts, now disposable memories?”

So now I present to you a compilation of every vine I have participated in, conveniently compiled into a chronologically ordered YouTube video. Less than two minutes of my sheer stupidity and hypocrisy.

I never said “never.”

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