These Things Take Time

I helped Chuck McCarthy adapt this original short story by Tom Oatmeal into a short sketch / film. I’m credited as an “associate producer” and you’d think I would post something that I’m proud of sooner than a year after the fact. It’s even named after a Smiths song.

This was Mr. Oatmeal and Mr. McCarthy’s baby, and it’s very cool to see it receive much-deserved exposure. From about 300 notes on tumblr to approximately 33,000 views on Funny or Die.

The original tumblr post can be found by clicking here.

If you’re more of a “YouTube guy / gal” then click here.

The blind man is played by Michael London, who had a bit part in “Cool Runnings.” It was cool to meet him.


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One Response to These Things Take Time

  1. Great short. Better beard.

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